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I’m glad to present you my EP, “My life in a movie trailer”. This EP contains 4 trailer musics in different genres.
You can free download it here or you can you go to bandcamp and buy it at the price you want !
I hope you’ll enjoy it !



Sophian has always lived with music, playing classical guitar at a very young age, then saxophone and then electric guitar.
He composed and practiced a wide variety of music through his education and the bands he played with, with classical music and moving on to contemporary music: rock, jazz, metal, world music etc.

Graduated from the Conservatoire, Music Academy International in Nancy and the distinguished Berklee College of Music, he then moved to Vancouver to develop his career as a film composer.

He produced music for Time Helmet and scored O’Mother, tell your children. He also arranges, orchestrates and produces tracks for the orchestral cover album of the company Escene Music.

He shares his life with the extremely talented illustrator Lanna Souvanny.



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