Demoreel Sophian Alkurdi 2018


This playlist contains 12 tracks which illustrates an emotion or a moment.


You can listen to various musics that I composed for different projects :




La fenêtre (The Window), 2014:
Many compositions for a end of studies project of students of the ESMA. The directors wanted the movie to be timeless, and the music follows this idea. This movie was in the selection of the Annecy Festival 2015, in Cinanima (Portugal) 2015, BIAF (South Korea) 2015 and Anima Mundi (Brasil) 2015. It also was rewarded in the Sequence Festival 2015



EIMA – 1st Proposition, 2016:
EIMA is the international school of Manga and Animation which needs a logo music but the director didn’t know exactly what she wanted. So I suggested variousmusics. This is the first one. This music looks more like sound design. I proposed very modern sound for illustrating the modernism of this school.



EIMA – 2nd Proposition, 2016:
In this composition, I suggested to highlight the Japanese culture by using Japanese instruments like taikos and koto. I also used a Japanese pentatonic scale for coloring the harmony.



Intro TGS Comics:
This composition is for the introduction of Youtube broadcasts talking about TGS Comics which is a pool of famous comics artists and bloggers. I was inspired by the music of the Marvel movies intro : epic, and based on a strong crescendo



SPOT TV ARPP Toulouse Game Show:
In this spot for the enterprise TGS Evenements, I composed the music and mixed Benoit Allemane’s voice. The music is very orchestral and epic for reminding famous American movies themes and also the series and movies in which the guests of the event played. It was broadcasting in national TV channels France 3 & France 4 and radios RFM & Virgin Radio.



Challenger – Chapter 4, 2016:
The webserie Challenger uses an aesthetic of the 80s both visually and musically. This composition respects this choice. All the instruments sound like electronic music of the 80s, even the
electric guitar has a deliberately synthetic sound for corresponding at the atmosphere. This webserie rewarded in the French Webserie Festival 2016 for the best original soundtrack.




Ashes and Sand , 2017:
This music, composed, recorded and producted in january 2017, was creted for a novel project with musics. It illustrates a very important battle scene in the story : the outcome of this fight between 2 protagonists will define the end of the book. I choose electric guitars with heavy rythms to give a warrior/agressive tone at the music and the drums add the tribal and powerful side of the track.



The car side , 2016:
Composition for trailer of a fan film melting Star Wars and Fast and Furious universes. For marking the epic side, I chose very present and orchestral percussions and I added electronic effects for the modern side like Fast and furious. This track is inspirated by trailer musics that Two Steps from Hell made.



Sakina’s Theme, 2012:
This recording is a mock-up I just made the project of a writer/artist. He wanted to present his project to an editor which was interested. Sakina is a character of the novel, she must fight to help her people to face a crisis. The theme has to represent her personnality : melancholic, determined and with oriental roots.



Humanisme, 2011:
Composition for the acoustic band Aerisian, recorded in 2012 in Nancy, France. This music was created for 5 acoustic guitars and one bass guitar. It’s using a mode largely used in celtic music to make people feel a little festive and full of hope. During the quiet solo, and the few measures after, I’m using an arabic mode to give more nostalgia.



En enquêtant (By Investigating), 2016:
Compostion for a video game. This game is about a investigation into a murder on a boat. It’s a behind closed doors game where the inspector knows that he’s next the murderer. This music is used during the investigation where the are no key instant. So I chose to create a little anxious atmosphere and a bit sad but which stays aerial for illustrating as well as possible these moments.



Plume (Feather), 2013:
Composition for the acoustic band Aerisian, recorded in 2014 in Toulouse, France. It talks about the life of a free feather. The music varies between sweet moments, where she whirls softly, and nervous moments , where she faces violent bad weather. It’s an aerial music to illustrate the lightness of the feather.